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From leaking faucets to broken water heaters to flooding, water damage is one of the most common problems you can face as a homeowner. If not taken care of immediately, water can cause expensive damage to your home. It can also lead to the growth of hazardous mold.

When the worst happens, call the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restore®. With one call, we’re at your side, providing expert guidance on what to do, with the experience to fix the problem, fast. We are available 24/7/365, every day of the year to provide you with emergency water damage repair services.

You need the expertise of ServiceMaster Restore after the unthinkable happens. Give us a call today at1-800-respond.

ServiceMaster Restore offers a range of services, from water extraction and structural drying to dehumidification and odor removal. We use the latest technology and techniques, and all of our technicians are highly trained professionals. Our goal is to restore your property to a safe and healthy environment.

We understand that water damage can occur suddenly and without warning, and the impact can be devastating. That’s why it’s important to act quickly and call ServiceMaster Restore®. We’ll help you get your life back to normal in no time.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage happens for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Broken water heaters
  • Severe weather
  • Appliance leaks
  • Burst or broken pipes and hoses
  • A clogged toilet
  • Moisture behind walls
  • A leaking roof
  • Clogged gutters
  • HVAC condensation
  • Blocked drains
  • A leaking water heater
  • Washing machine supply line leak
  • Sump pump problems
  • Structural damage
  • Foundation cracks

Water damage is a common occurrence for homeowners. It can cause issues running from paint damage to affecting the structural integrity of your home. There are many reasons for water damage. However, the most likely areas in your home that will see damage includes ceilings, kitchens, walls, and your basement. This is due to the fact that leaky pipes and floods are likely in those areas. Consult a professional immediately when dealing with water damage or flooding in these common areas.

water Mitigation is essential

Fast water mitigation is key to water restoration. This is where ServiceMaster Restore excels. Our technicians arrive onsite quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With our rapid response teams, your floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored.

Our team uses specialized equipment such as submersible pumps, wet vacs, and air movers to quickly extract the standing water and moisture from the air. We then use dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to remove moisture from the air and reduce the risk of mold growth. Our technicians are trained to assess the damage, identify the source of the water, and create a plan for water mitigation and restoration. With ServiceMaster Restore, you can trust that your home will be back to normal in no time.


ServiceMaster Restore takes a 1-2-3 approach to recovery following. The steps below during the water damage restoration process:

  • First, we assess the damage through an inspection.
  • Next is water mitigation and preventing further damage to your property and belongings. Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood or due to a leaking roof.
  • Finally, we help you recover from the water damage, with a focus on returning your property to pre-loss conditions.

By taking fast action and contacting ServiceMaster Restore, you can prevent additional damage and cost.

What To Do first

If your property has experienced water damage, there are several things you can do before our restoration experts arrive. Time is of the essence in these situations and a quick response can make a major difference in the extent of repairs and restoration. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind during a water damage or flooding event in your home:

Some things you should do:

  • Immediately call for professional help. Water and bacteria-growth damages can begin within hours.
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  • Remove wet area rugs or other floor coverings not permanently attached.
  • Do not attempt to start removing wall-to-wall carpet without a professional.
  • Move photos, paintings, and art objects to a safe, dry location.

What Not to Do

There are also certain things you should not do in the case of a water emergency. Adhere to the following advice to avoid injury or further damage to your property:

  • Never enter a room with standing water until electricity has been turned off!
  • Never use a regular household vacuum to remove water.
  • Never lift tacked-down carpet without professional help.
  • Never use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or flooring.
  • Do not disturb visible mold.


With a comprehensive range of water damage services, we’ve got you covered:


With rapid response, your floors, walls, and priceless possessions can often be preserved and restored. We help minimize flood damage. ServiceMaster Restore’s professionals are available 24/7 for emergency water damage services or flooded house restoration.

Our certified technicians come to your home with knowledge and confidence backed by decades of field experience. This is along with proven water clean up techniques. Perfected in our own one-of-a-kind test house to remove moisture and promote effective drying. We’re with you at every step, until the last piece of furniture has been put back in place and you’re back in your home.